Paul Rudd just celebrated his 51st birthday and his family had the perfect at-home celebration for the star.

While on Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan’s ” Friday Night in With the Morgans” with his wife Julie Yaeger Rudd, they spoke of the “Ant Man”‘s birthday celebrations that included their kids Jack, 14, and Darby, 10.

“We made him a little scavenger hunt and made him walk all around the house,” Yaeger revealed. “We made him go up and down the stairs and in each little spot there was a Post-It telling him the next place to go.”

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She added, “Since we really couldn’t get him presents, we just gave him coupons for different things like snuggles with our daughter, breakfast in bed and a massage.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were on the show as well and the “Riverdale” star quipped that he did the same thing for their 24th anniversary on May 1.

“For our anniversary gift, I gave her some coupons as well,” he said while Ripa held up the coupons.

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Morgan also celebrated his birthday during isolation and received a gift from Rudd and his family. A roll of toilet paper thrown at his house.

“We drove up playing music so loud, honking the horn,” Rudd said. “Our kids were really nervous, they thought maybe you were going to call the police on us, and we were hoping you were.”