Piers Morgan has offered up some harsh criticism of the Duchess of Sussex over the years, but the bombastic British TV host is now admitting he may have pushed it “too far.”

While he’s had much to say about Meghan Markle over the years, perhaps his most memorable slam came in a 2018 column he wrote for the Daily Mail, in which he described her as “a ruthless social climbing actress who has landed the role of her life and is determined to milk it for all she can.”

In a new interview with Britain’s Sunday Times, writer Decca Aitkenhead tells Morgan that his one-sided feud with Markle makes him appear “ugly.” In hindsight, she asks, does he look back and think he should have “dialled any of it down?”

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“Yeah, probably,” Morgan admits. “I think that’s a perfectly fair criticism. It’s probably not wise, if you’re a columnist, to make things too personal.”

He adds: “Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably. Do I think that will govern and temper how I talk about them going forward? Absolutely.”

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