Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are a new couple.

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The two actors have both starred as the titular Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. But clearly, that is not all the two have in common following the news that they are seeing each other.

“Ben and I are dating,” Galvin nervously said on the “Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine” podcast. “I asked him this morning, I was like, are we allowed to talk about this? And he’s like, ‘Don’t go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know.’ It’s still relatively new.”

“I know, it’s so g—- incestuous,” he continued with a laugh. “But it makes sense, like, we all went through the war together. We all feel very connected.”

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Platt and Galvin have been socially-distancing with fellow Broadway star Kathryn Gallagher.

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