Rebel Wilson teamed up with Drew and Jonathan Scott for a wicked backyard surprise.

Wilson joined HGTV’s new show “Celebrity IOU” and gifted her best friend, Nicole, the most incredible backyard. The “Pitch Perfect” star told the brothers why it was important for her to surprise Nicole.

“I chose Nicole because she’s my first American friend ever,” she explained, per People. “I just remember thinking, ‘Oh, wow. This girl is like really nice. Just really chilled, normal compared to all the other crazies that walk around here.'”

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“She saved up all her money to buy this house and she has nothing left for the outside,” Wilson continued. “And to give back to her in this way is just incredible.”

The two met about eight years ago, shortly before Wilson landed a role in “Bridesmaids”.

“She came to me to get her hair and makeup done and I was told that she was an Australian comedian, and immediately I thought that she was going to be so mean to me,” Nicole told the twin brothers. “I was so frightened to meet her and she was the kindest person.”

“She’s so genuine and heartfelt and when she gives me advice it’s from the heart,” Wilson added. “She doesn’t have any vested interest in my career. She’s just an awesome person.”

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The surprise absolutely blew Nicole away.

“This is incredible. I can’t believe this. It’s better than what I could have even imagined,” Nicole expressed through tears. “There was nothing in the backyard and for years I had to just look at concrete and this is beyond what I would have even, could have even imagined.”

“The memories that I’m going to be able to have back here with family and friends is just really special,” Nicole added. Wilson replied, “You work so hard and then you can come here at the end of the day and chill.”

“Celebrity IOU” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. local time on HGTV Canada.