Anne Hathaway Dishes On Legendary ‘Princess Diaries’ Slip: ‘I Burst Out Laughing’

Anne Hathaway has fond memories of Garry Marshall.

Hathaway reflected on one of her favourite moments with the late TV/film director for ABC’s upcoming “The Happy Days of Garry Marshall” feature.

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“One of the things that I love about Garry is that he’s never afraid of the spontaneous moment if it was good, it was in the movie,” the actress shared. “He didn’t care where it came from. He didn’t care what happened.”

To her point, she shared a fan-favourite story from “The Princess Diaries”.

“There’s this moment when we were filming in San Fransisco,” Hathaway laughed. “Predictably, it had rained. We were outside and we had to get this shot really fast because we were losing light. We went onto the bleachers and they did their best to wipe them down.”

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“I turned really fast and slipped on a puddle. I mean, just fell. Just absolutely fell. I burst out laughing and kept going with the scene,” she added. “I never thought about it again and all of a sudden, six months later, it’s in the trailer. He kept it! He kept it because it was a charming moment.”

Marshall was a renowned filmmaker who created “Happy Days”. He also developed “The Odd Couple” for television, and directed “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride”. He died on July 19, 2016, due to complications of pneumonia after suffering a stroke. He was 81.

“The Happy Days of Garry Marshall” airs on Tuesday and features appearances by Julia Roberts, Chris Pine, Henry Winkler, and Ron Howard.


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