Dan Aykroyd is lending his familiar voice to an eerie new series.

In the first look at “Hotel Paranormal”, T+E’s new original 10-part documentary series follows the terrifying and unbelievably true stories of regular people who have come face-to-face with ghostly hotel guests, narrated by the Canadian icon.

Each episode features a different encounter from hotel guests all over the world during stays at grand hotels, highway motels and bed and breakfasts.

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“I was excited to come on board and narrate T+E’s ‘Hotel Paranormal’ because I think the show is going to be a real skeptic-buster and as a believer in ghosts that makes me happy,” Aykroyd said in a statement about the series. “I’ve been watching T+E’s paranormal programming for years and when you marry a great channel with gripping and entertaining real-life ghost stories, such as those told in ‘Hotel Paranormal’, I’m on board.”

Dan Aykroyd. Photo: T+E
Dan Aykroyd. Photo: T+E

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President, Canadian Media, Blue Ant Media Jamie Schouela added, “T+E is the home of paranormal programming and when we heard that Canada’s own Dan Aykroyd was a fan of our channel, we leaped at the chance to work together on our newest original series. Now more than ever audiences are looking for gripping new TV shows to watch and we can’t wait to bring ‘Hotel Paranormal’ to millions of Canadians, coast-to-coast.”

“Hotel Paranormal” premieres May 15 on T+E at 9 p.m. ET/PT.