Kristen Bell talks about her husband Dax Shepard’s off-roading accident on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Bell reveals how Shepard crushed all the bones in his hand after the vehicle he was in flipped over.

The actress explains, “He went on an ‘essential’ off-roading trip right when quarantine began.

“It was by himself. He was off-roading in the mountains and he had a buddy with him, but they were in separate off-roading vehicles.”

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Bell continues, “He didn’t call me. He drove home… and the first thing he said when he walked in the door is, ‘I just don’t want to be in trouble.’ Which is crazy because he’s never in trouble with me. I mean, I’ll let you know if I’m disappointed in your actions but I’m an adult, and he’s an adult. I said, ‘You’re not in trouble, but it’s not the smartest move you could have made.'”

She also reveals how Shepard pulled one of the pins in his hand out after it ejected itself from his body.

DeGeneres then asks Bell how the pair, who are parents to daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5, have been spending their time in quarantine and whether they’ve each got their own projects.

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She says of Shepard, who can only use the one hand, “He did clean out the drain in our shower the other day. He pulled out the biggest wad of fur that I have ever… it was like the size of a small purebred dog… That was a week and a half ago and even now our girls won’t shower in that shower because they’re scared that the hair monster’s going to come up and suck them down the drain.”

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