Fans are mourning the loss of comedy legend Jerry Stiller and looking back on some of his most memorable moments in the spotlight.

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On Monday, the Team Coco YouTube channel shared an old clip of Jerry crashing his son Ben Stiller’s interview on a 1996 episode of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”.

In the video, Ben was doing a bit, pretending to be sick as a reason he couldn’t appear for an interview. At that point Jerry walked out, looking huffed.

“As a member of the acting profession, I find this is a disgrace!” he said. “This is a personal reflection on me as an actor. I mean, how did I bring my kid up?!”

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Jerry then went backstage to find Ben sick on the couch with his mother.

“Honey, pay no attention. Your father’s not a well man,” she said.

But it was no use. Jerry dragged his son out onto the show and continued reaming him out, bickering with him throughout the interview.