Ellen DeGeneres Attempts To Scare Sarah Paulson Over Video Chat

Ellen DeGeneres may be filming her show from home, but that doesn’t stop her trying to scare guest Sarah Paulson once again during Wednesday’s show.

Since the actress has been scared multiple times on the show, DeGeneres attempts to catch her off guard even though they’re apart by pretending her guest’s video chat went off.

DeGeneres then appears at the bottom of the screen trying to freak Paulson out.

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The star also talks about why she’s the perfect person to have around during a pandemic.

Paulson shares, “I get nervous about a lot of things, so I’m the gal you want around during the pandemic because I can answer a lot of questions about what to do when you’re afraid, and I know how to clean very well. I’m a great cleaner, always have been, because I’m a germophobe too, so see, I’m ready!”

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She then jokes about her “Mrs. America” co-star Cate Banchett and her lack of social media presence.

Admitting they’re going to be doing an Instagram Live together soon, Paulson says: “So she’s going to try and piggyback on my social media so she can get a little bit of attention for herself, which is nice.

“I’m looking forward to helping Cate become more successful. I think that’ll be a good thing to do.”

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