Nicole Richie had a special guest join her interview with Seth Meyers Tuesday night.

The reality star joined the “Saturday Night Live” alum on a virtual episode of “Late Night” holding her bearded dragon, Speedy.

While chatting about her reptile pal, Richie revealed little Speedy isn’t the only unusual pet she and husband Joel Madden share, but the dragon is her favourite.

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“I have seven chickens and then I have—he’s not an iguana, he is a bearded dragon. His name is Speedy. I’ll forgive you. He was very excited that I was going on your show because your show is his favourite and so, he wanted to make an appearance,” she said. “He’s pretty fast. Bearded dragons are really chill, actually. They’re really great with kids. They just like to be held. They like to sit in the heat. They like it, like, 110 degrees. And they just, like, lay in the heat and chill. And I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s what I like to do.'”

But hanging out with Speedy isn’t the only thing Richie is doing during coronavirus quarantine, she’s also been keeping herself entertained by watching “The Sopranos” for the first time.

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“You know what? I needed someone to guide me a little bit and it’s nice just to have somebody there next to me that could take me on the journey because it is a—you know, you have to put your phone down,” she said of the series. “And it’s a slow romance with this family. And now I’m just so deep in.”

Richie added, “For me, I took it as, like, family, parenthood, marriage then the mob. The mob stuff, actually, a lot of it flies over my head and Joel has to explain it to me. My brain just doesn’t work like that. I’m, like, very attached to the family story and his therapy story.”

And Richie isn’t the only celebrity to own this exotic pet. Chrissy Teigen just announced their new, as of yet unnamed, bearded dragon on Twitter.

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