Social distancing is important at the moment, yet some people insist on taking it to extremes.

That’s the message Kevin James is sharing in a new short video he’s unveiled on his YouTube channel, titled “Out of Touch”.

The video begins with James and another man running furiously through a forest as they’re being pursued, sirens blaring in the background.

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Collapsing behind a tree, flashlights flicker in the background as their pursuers close in; suddenly, a helicopter appears overhead, shining a spotlight on the two apparent fugitives.

A flashback then takes viewers to six hours earlier, when James is sitting on a park bench as his friend jogs by. He stops, they have a brief chat and then shake hands.

Within moments, they’re under surveillance by several mask-wearing people, one of whom is already on the phone to alert the authorities.

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“Run,” says James.

This isn’t the only quarantine-themed video the former “King of Queens” star has produced in recent weeks.

In “I Miss Baseball”, the MLB fan is so desperate for America’s pasttime that he stages his own one-man game in a field.

In “A Quarantine Birthday”, he enjoys a raucous birthday celebration — virtually, that is, through the assistance of a pair of VR goggles.

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