Bill Murray Calls Out Young People For Not Wearing Masks During Pandemic, Chats To Jimmy Kimmel While Sitting In His Bathtub

Bill Murray certainly went all out for his interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday.

The actor chatted to Kimmel while sitting in the bathtub at his house in Charleston, South Carolina.

He explained, “I’m drawing my tub now, and I’m having a little difficulty because getting the right temperature has always been a problem with me.

“For the purposes of today, it’s kind of a celebration, because I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought a bubble bath would be appropriate. But you know how it is with bubbles, you can’t snap your fingers and make them. They just come when they come.”

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Kimmel replied, “This is genius, really, because they do say soap and water are the best things to protect you from the virus, and you’re right in it.”

Kimmel then asked how things were in Charleston, with Murray saying: “They’ve opened the world sort of. It’s reopened a little bit. I’ve still been wearing a mask when I go out.

“And most young people do not wear masks at all. They don’t. The only people I see are people that haven’t put on their makeup yet, those kind of people. But I like it,” he added, putting his mask on to demonstrate.

“I think anyone that is not wearing a mask, you could argue, you’re being socially irresponsible, you’re risking your life and the lives of others,” he continued. “Eh, maybe, who cares? But you’re missing a real opportunity to say, ‘I’m on the side of law and order.’ Don’t you understand? If I weren’t on the side of law and order, I would have walked in with my guns drawn.”

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Murray even ended the interview by pulling out a bottle of champagne, telling the host: “Look what I found! I think I’m taking this bubble bath thing a little too far, don’t you?”

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