Wednesday was Stephen Colbert’s 56th birthday, and Hugh Laurie knew the perfect way to celebrate.

The “House” star was on Global’s “The Late Show” and sang Colbert “Happy Birthday” while holding up a small piece of cake with a candle in it.

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He then pulled off the incredible feat of having Colbert blow the candle out with from across the video stream with the help of some very simple special effects.

“People go on about special effects like it’s complicated,” Laurie said. “It really isn’t complicated.”

Colbert joked, “I want to thank everyone at LucasFilm for making that possible.”

Laurie also gave an update on the status of his show “Avenue 5” and whether fans can expect a second season.

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Along with the coronavirus pandemic getting in the way, the actor explained that the big spaceship set was actually burned down in a fire, so a second season would require rebuilding the whole thing.

“So the insurance underwriters I believe might’ve said, ‘Can I just read the script again?'” Laurie joked, telling Colbert that due to the pandemic the set hasn’t been able to be rebuilt. “I don’t know when it’s going to happen.”

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