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Meet The Stunning Stars Of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’

By Corey Atad.

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Canada is getting its very own TV drag competition for the ages.

On Thursday, Crave announced the full cast for the upcoming series “Canada’s Drag Race”, a spinoff of the massively successful “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

Contestants will show off their incredible Canadian charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, battling each other to become Canada’s First Drag Superstar, along with a $100,000 prize.

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“Drag Race” fans can get to know all the Canadian contestants below.

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Anastarzia Anaquway

Being on Drag Race is the culmination of an amazing 17-year career. It allows me to represent all the little black boys and girls in third world countries like the Bahamas that have huge dreams but no resources to make them a reality.

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I love drag because it gives me the opportunity to be my authentic, goofy self and bring my audience happiness. When an audience is happy, so am I! I like my drag to allow people to let loose, have fun, laugh and forget about all the negativity in the world.

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Ilona Verley

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“Drag is important to me as it is how I visually express how I see myself on the inside, and how I manifest my female energy as a two-spirit person!”

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Drag is the perfect gateway for self-discovery and self-expression. It’s the beautiful culmination of courage, joy, performance, and artistry that inspires and entertains. Drag is a personal and political statement that challenges the social constructs to help inspire change in the world.”

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Juice Boxx

I’m so excited to be on the first season of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ and I can’t wait to show the world how incredible Canadian drag really is.”

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Being on ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ is a dream come true. I’m beyond excited to be on my favourite TV show and I can’t wait to make queer Canadian her-story!”

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“Drag is my vehicle for all my joy, ambition and creative energy. It makes me feel alive.”

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I am so excited to be on ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ so I can show the world I’m not only that b**h, I’m that *Canadian* b**h.”

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“I love drag so much. I had a drag queen perform at my 26th birthday party and they suggested I do drag. Now three titles, two music videos, and one big opportunity to be on ‘Canada’s Drag Race’. I could be Canada’s First-Ever Drag Superstar…what’s my name?!”

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Rita Baga

“I’m beyond excited to be part of this journey! I want to make my province proud and to be the very first francophone to own a Drag Superstar title. Dreams DO come true!”

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Scarlett Bobo

I love, love, LOVE doing drag because it allows me to live my truth every day and there are no rules to what I am allowed to do, say, or accomplish. ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ lets me express every side of myself and show others how to be fearless and authentic. I want to prove that you can stay true to who you are, no matter what.”

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Tynomi Banks

“Tynomi Banks is fun, flirty, and fashionable. She will entertain you, all the while stealing your man in plain sight and you won’t even realize it’s happening.”

The first season of “Canada’s Drag Race” premieres July 2 on Crave, with new episodes out every Thursday.

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