Cynthia Nixon Discusses Being A Parent To A Transgender Child: ‘You Should Listen To What People Tell You About Themselves’

Cynthia Nixon spoke about being a parent to a transgender child during a candid new interview.

Nixon, who ran for governor of New York, unsuccessfully, in 2018, made an appearance on the Homo Sapiens podcast, hosted by Alan Cumming and Chris Sweeney.

The “Sex and the City” star announced her oldest son from a previous relationship, Samuel Mozes, who also goes by Seph, was transgender back in June 2018. Seph, formerly known as Samantha, is now 23.

Nixon shared during the interview, according to the Daily Mail: “Before I ever had an inkling my kid might be trans I read a really extensive article… [about] all of these parents of pre-pubescent kids who were really struggling with this.

“There was one dad who said ‘At a certain point, the decision seemed to me I could have a dead son or a live daughter’ and it’s like, after you say that, what more is there to say?”

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Nixon, who married her longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni in 2012, added: “You can make all the arguments that you want but the fact is, as a parent, as a human, you should listen to what people tell you about themselves.

”And if they want to make this really extreme change or move in that direction, people are not going to do this lightly. It’s different but it’s the same as when you think about 30/40 years ago and more, the arguments given to gay people that ‘this is just a phase,’ ‘you’re going to grow out of this.'”

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Nixon also insisted white people need to “catch up” with the race problem during the chat.

“I think it’s really important for white people and other people to listen to people of colour – that’s the most important thing we can do,” she explained.

”Right after that we have to really start understanding how, if we are white, we benefit from white supremacy and talking about that. Because people of colour are miles ahead in understanding the race problem and white people really have got to catch up.”

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