Dylan McDermott sits down for BuzzFeed to read fans’ thirstiest thirst tweets — some of which veer a little to the bizarre side.

One tweeter expresses a desire to lick the actor’s abs, leading McDermott to quip, “At least it’s not my a**.”

Another admits to still confusing him with Dermott Mulroney, leading McDermott to admit that even he’s confused as to who’s who at this point.

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And then, this one.

That request, McDermott responds, can be taken care of free of charge.

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Then there’s the tweet from the woman who made her reluctant mother watch the first season of “American Horror Story”, only to have mom respond, “If you told me I’d get to see Dylan McDermott’s butt I would have watched sooner.”

“Thank you so much mom, appreciate it,” quips McDermott.

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