Jamie Lynn Spears Gives First Interview About The Drowning Incident That Nearly Claimed Her Daughter’s Life

While promoting “Sweet Magnolias” on Netflix, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke out about the drowning incident that nearly claimed the life of her daughter, Maddie.

“My oldest daughter was in a really bad accident,” Spears said while on “Better Together” with Maria Menounos as she wiped away the tears.

“The first responders took her from me,” she added while recalling the drowning incident. “We thought we lost our daughter.”

“That moment I felt everything that you can feel, the worst. There is nothing worse than looking at your child feeling like you failed her,” Spears continued as Menounos now tried to hold back years.

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“I didn’t want her to think I couldn’t save her. That I didn’t try and save her,” Spears said.

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When Maddie was 8, she was on an ATV which flipped into a pond, trapping her underneath. She was under the water for several minutes before first responders were able to free her. Spears has rarely spoken about the incident and never during an interview.

Maddie spent time in the hospital before fully recovering.

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