Charli XCX Debuts New Album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ Recorded Entirely In Quarantine

Charlie XCX has put her quarantine time to good use.

On Friday, the singer released her new album How I’m Feeling Now, which was made entirely under quarantine in Los Angeles.

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Appearing on Apple Music’s “Inside the Candy Shop”, Charli took fans through the creation of the album.

“I’ve been building up to this for, I think, five weeks now. I mean, basically, I decided I would make this album in its entirety, in quarantine, from my own home and have BJ Burton and AG Cook co-executive produce, alongside me and we did it,” she said. “We did it. We made it. All the songs are done. They’re all out. I can’t quite believe it because it was crazy. It was crazy. We’ve been working basically nonstop, particularly this past couple of weeks and I can’t believe that it’s happened. But it’s done.”

Charli also revealed how Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez helped her name the opening track on the album “Pink Diamond”.

“Dua Lipa asked me to do an Apple Music interview for the At Home With series with her, Zane [Lowe] and Jennifer Lopez. Which is, of course, truly a quarantine situation. When am I going to ever be on a FaceTime with J.Lo?” she said. “Anyway, on the call, J.Lo was telling this story about meeting Barbra Streisand, and Barbra talking to her about diamonds. At that time, J.Lo had just been given that iconic pink diamond by Ben Affleck. I instantly thought, Pink Diamond is a very cute name for a song, and wrote it down on my phone.”

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She continued, “I immediately texted Dua afterwards and said, ‘Oh my God, she mentioned the pink diamond!’ A few days later, [LA-based R&B artist and producer] Dijon sent me this really hard, aggressive and quite demonic demo called ‘Makeup On’, and I felt the two titles had some kind of connection. I always like pairing really silly, sugary imagery with things that sound quite evil. It then became a song about video chatting—this idea that you’re wanting to go out and party and be sexy, but you’re stuck at home on video chat. I wanted it as the first track because I’m into the idea that some people will love it and some people will hate it. I think it’s nice to be antagonistic on track one of an album and really frustrate certain people, but make others really obsessive about what might come next.”

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