The growing popularity of the #MeToo movement had Carice Van Houten asking questions about her career.

The Dutch actress gained international recognition for her role as Melisandre on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. In a new interview with Insider, Van Houten asked big questions about nude scenes she performed on “GoT” and in other projects.

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“In retrospect, I thought, ‘Why did that scene have to be nude?’ I’ve done that enough now. No more,” she said. “I was always very liberal and I defended nudity because I thought, ‘Why can you have a machine gun and not see a nipple?’ I thought it was so weird.”

“When the Me Too movement started, that’s when it started sinking in,” Van Houten continued. “It did sort of change my perspective on my whole career, not just ‘Game of Thrones’.”

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The #MeToo movement did not necessarily change Van Houten’s views on her body; however, it did sober her up to outside influences.

“I became very aware of the male gaze,” she expressed. “It was not so much that I was blaming anyone, but that’s just how we evolved, and just how the movement affected me… My consciousness is bigger. I’m a bit more woke.”