Kyle Richards Reveals She Broke Her Nose Filming ‘Halloween Kills’

Returning to the “Halloween” franchise was a dangerous endeavour for Kyle Richards.

The “Real Housewives” star played Lindsey Wallace in the original 1978 “Halloween”, and now she’s reprising her role in the upcoming sequel “Halloween Kills”.

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In an interview with Variety, Richards revealed that as fun as it was to make the movie, she did come away with a pretty serious injury.

“I will tell you this, I broke my nose and I didn’t even tell anybody on the set that night even though I was like, ‘I think I broke my nose,'” Richards said. “I was so worried they’d have a stunt person come in and do my job because they had someone there dressed just like me.”

Richards was 9-years-old when she appeared in the original slasher classic and was excited to make her return to the series as an adult.

“They basically came to me and said to me, we want you to participate in the new ‘Halloween’ and bring back your character. I was just like, oh my gosh, I’m so excited,” she said. “Acting is my first love, that’s what I started out doing as a baby. It’s just exciting when I can still do that and reprise a role I did so many years ago and work with Jamie Lee Curtis, who I absolutely love and adore.”

She continued, “I got really excited and then the director said, ‘Before you get too excited, you have to read the script because there’s some things in there that might be scary to you.'”

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As it turned out, the film was pretty scary even for Richards, but she soldiered on.

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