Lilly Wachowski is not having anything to do with Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk.

It started on Sunday when Musk tweeted out, “Take the red pill.”

The most common form of the quote is from “The Matrix” in which Neo has to pick between taking the blue pill and believing it was a dream or taking the red pill and learning about how “deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

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However, the “red pill” is also an Internet term referring to a right-wing political awakening often linked to Donald Trump.

Many Republicans are seeing it as Musk’s way of saying he is changing his support from Democratic to Republican.

“Taken,” the first daughter responded.

One half of the Wachowskis, who wrote “The Matrix”, didn’t care what they were referring to.

“F**k both of you,” she blatantly responded.

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