Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving 2020 graduates a candid lesson.

Over the weekend, the actor and former Governor of California shared a video commencement address for the semester’s graduating class, opening up about his 2018 heart surgery.

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“Because of coronavirus, you are graduating into a world filled with obstacles, so I wanted you to know that no matter how successful you are, there will always be obstacles. But you can overcome and move toward your vision,” he wrote on Instagram

The 72-year-old added: “Maybe it’s a sign I’m Americanised, but I wanted to share the story of my heart surgery going south four months before ‘Terminator’. I hope it gives you motivation in these hard times.”

In the video address, Schwarzenegger went on, “They said they broke through the heart wall, and there was internal bleeding, and I could have died if they didn’t open up my sternum and do open-heart surgery.”

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He explained that one of the things to help him get through the ordeal was setting himself the goal of shooting “Terminator: Dark Fate”.

“That’s what I was shooting for. So, I started declaring little victories. After I did the first 500 steps with the walker, I declared victory. After I had an appetite again to eat normal, I declared victory,” he said.

He continued, “No matter how successful you are, life will throw obstacles in your path like it was with my heart surgery or like with your graduation now. But if you have a very clear vision like I talked about earlier, of exactly what you want to do, and who you want to be, you can go and find a way around all of those obstacles.”