Justin Bieber Does Wife Hailey’s Makeup On A New Episode Of ‘The Biebers On Watch’

Justin Bieber is showing off some hidden talents.

On the latest episode of “The Biebers on Watch,” the “Yummy” singer takes on the daunting task of doing his wife Hailey’s makeup. Although he admits to never having done this before, the end result is pretty impressive.

“Probably make her look like, you know, the most beautiful lady in the world, obviously,” Justin jokes.

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Much to Hailey’s surprise, the superstar already knows to start with foundation.

“What would you think would have to be the first thing, if you had to guess,” Hailey asks.

“Foundation? Because you have to lay the foundation, you know what I mean?” Justin responds.

After applying the base makeup including cream bronzer, concealer, and blush, the model informs her husband that it’s time to move on to her eyes. While the eyeshadow was no problem, mascara proved to be a bit of a challenge.

“Is it all over the place?” Hailey asks with a laugh as Justin tries to fix a mascara smudge with a bit of spit and some more foundation.

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The singer then moves on to highlighter, which Hailey says must be applied to the nose and cheekbones.

“Aw, you look so cute,” Justin says.

Finishing the look with some light pink lipstick, Hailey reaches for a mirror and gives her final judgment.

“That’s actually really good,” she says. “That’s your new calling. Justin’s coming for every makeup artist.”

You can catch the full episode up top.

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