A Category 5 hurricane is the least of their worries in “Force of Nature”.

The new thriller starring Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch will see them not only go up against the storm but also a heist.

The trailer starts with Dr. Troy (Bosworth) trying to get a cop, Cardillo (Hirsch), to help her convince her father, Ray (Gibson), to evacuate during the storm.

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Cardillo then hears a noise downstairs which turns out be a group shooting someone to get in. They quickly get caught up in the building with the crew who are trying to rob a vault in the building holding $55 million.

“He’s part of a crew who does high-end heist jobs,” Ray tells them. “I got a buddy downtown. He’s been facing these clowns for a month.”

“Force of Nature” debuts on digital and On Demand this June 30.