Courteney Cox Surprises A 13-Year-Old Superfan After He Goes Viral With His ‘Friends’-Themed Virtual Bar Mitzvah

Courteney Cox had the best surprise for a young “Friends” fan during Monday’s “Late Late Show”.

Cox, who played Monica Geller in the much-loved show, joined a video call to say hi to 13-year-old Naftali, from Borehamwood, England, who went viral after holding a virtual bar mitzvah.

The teen had to cancel the ceremony, which was going to be “Friends”-themed with the iconic sofa and even a foosball table like Joey and Chandler’s, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Naftali told Corden after being asked about the amount of people who ended up tuning in to the ceremony, “I had no idea [everyone would be watching], I thought it was going to be a small thing, my family and just a few friends.”

Corden then said, “A friend of mine was impressed and she wanted to pop in and say hi too,” which is when Cox appeared on the screen.

Naftali said in shock, “Oh my gosh, hello!” as Cox asked whether the youngster recognized her.

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The actress shared, “I was really touched by your story. Since you couldn’t have your bar mitzvah the way you wanted, I decided to get you a foosball table just like the one in Joey and Chandler’s apartment.”

See Naftali’s reaction in the clip above.

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