Daniel Radcliffe didn’t notice the years passing him by.

Appearing on Monday’s “Watch What Happens Live”, the 30-year-old was asked about “Harry Potter” co-star Rupert Grint becoming a father.

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“I texted him the other day and said I was so happy for him and it’s very very cool,” he said. “It’s also super weird, for me, to think that we are all at the age where we are all having children but we definitely are.”

Radcliffe joked that he, Grint, and Emma Watson are “terrible yardsticks for how old people are,” and added, “I remember when I turned 30, I remember a lot of people in my life were really depressed to find out that they’re lapped.”

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Also on the show, Radcliffe was asked about any roles that he was up for that he didn’t get.

The actor revealed that as a kid he had been in talks for a role in the 2002 Christian Bale action movie “Equilibrium”.

“I did not get that and, because I didn’t get that, I was able to get ‘Potter’, which I was auditioning for at the same time, so that worked out,” Radcliffe said.