Jim Gaffigan is set to star as one of Toronto’s most controversial public figures in a new limited series.

During an interview with ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel via Zoom, the comedian discussed his upcoming role in the AMC show, which will chronicle the ups and downs of late mayor Rob Ford.

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“It’s a real human story and it’s — it’s Shakespearean really,” the 53-year-old continues. “It’s also kinda sad because from the research I’ve done, it’s like, he probably should have just been a football coach.”

Although Gaffigan is happy to have the part, there is another actor he feels would have been perfect.

“As an actor… I want to play a character that’s complex and has a lot of dimension, and so Rob Ford’s great,” he shares. “It’s a pretty huge task, and I wish Chris Farley was around to play him… [because Ford’s] such a character, right? And there’s such a comedic side to him.”

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Gaffigan currently has his hands full at home, as he dives headfirst into Dad duty during this time of isolation.

“I stopped liking [my five kids] about two weeks ago,” he jokes. “It’s amazing how much help we had that just disappeared, and so I’m making breakfast and making dinner and I’m still doing… nothing compared to what my wife is doing.”

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Gaffigan got creative and turned his everyday meal-making into a digital series called “Let’s Get Cookin’!”

“While I was doing dinner, I just [had] one of my kids record it on my phone,” the amateur chef says of the show’s humble beginnings. “I pretend that I’m some master chef who’s teaching a cooking class, but I’m making, like, scrambled eggs.”