Rachel Platten is opening up about her mental health struggles.

The “Fight Song” singer appeared on “Good Morning America” to share her experience with postpartum anxiety after giving birth to her first child.

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On Mother’s Day, Platten posted a photo on Instagram, along with a message in which she gets candid about her mental health.

“I found myself on Mother’s Day just, like, putting up, you know, an old picture of me and Violet laughing,” Platten told “GMA” on Monday. “And that wasn’t at all real because the feelings that I was having this summer, that postpartum anxiety brought up all this guilt. And I didn’t really feel like I deserved to be celebrated on Sunday on Mother’s Day.”

Looking back on the period after giving birth last summer, Platten said, “I was miserable. I was having panic attacks. I was, you know, trying to get enough milk breastfeeding to make her OK and then trying to entertain 15,000 people and then trying to keep it together as a boss and trying to be a good wife.”

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After finally confiding her issues to a friend, Platten realized she needed to seek out therapy.

“I think these feelings are bigger than just the anxiety of being a new mom,” she said. “It took a minute to find the right one [therapist], but when I did, it was like the first conversation. It was finally getting the hug that I needed.

“If I can be one example of someone who’s actually sharing the truth about who I am and what I’m feeling when I’m going through what I look like without makeup and you know what my real life is like, I really want to be able to give that.”