Jay Leno has one sweet surprise for Blake Shelton.

In a sneak peek at Wednesday’s all-new episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”, the iconic comedian and Shelton get behind the wheel of a 1967 GMC truck, formerly owned by Elvis Presley.

“This is Elvis’ truck, we had it shipped out here for you to drive,” Leno says in the clip. “I wanted you to get the feel of it.”

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“You’re kidding me,” Shelton says in shock. “I love that.”

“He did drive a truck,” Leno later explains. “He had a lot of vehicles. So you are sitting where the King sat.”

And Leno’s surprise left Shelton “nervous,” admitting, “That is literally unbelievable. I never would’ve dreamed that Elvis Presley even owned a truck.”

“Jay Leno’s Garage” launches the second half of its fifth season on Wednesday.