Ronan Farrow Responds To Matt Lauer’s Scathing Op-Ed Attacking His ‘Flawed Reporting’: Fired ‘Today’ Anchor ‘Is Just Wrong’

More than two years after being axed from the “Today” show after allegations of sexual misconduct, Matt Lauer has re-emerged to take aim at Ronan Farrow, whose Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting on the Harvey Weinstein accusations kicked off the #MeToo movement and ultimately led to Lauer’s removal from the popular morning show.

Lauer has cherrypicked his time to respond to Farrow, penning an op-ed for the Mediaite website mere days after a New York Times piece accused Farrow of tailoring his reporting to suit a preconceived narrative.

According to Lauer, Farrow “betrayed the truth” by reporting on the allegations of multiple women without having “reached out to confirm” the accuracy of those allegations with other sources.

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In his op-ed, Lauer admits that he had “a consensual, yet inappropriate relationship with a fellow employee in the workplace,” which resulted in the end of his 25-year career with NBC.

However, he writes that he was then “falsely accused of rape,” after the allegations of Brooke Nevils, which Lauer now claims were escalated to promote the release of Farrow’s book Catch and Kill.

“I was shaken, but not surprised, that few in the media were willing to thoroughly challenge the accusations against me, or the person making them,” writes Lauer.

“The rush to judgment was swift,” he adds. “In fact, on the morning I was falsely accused of rape, and before I could even issue a statement, some journalists were already calling my accuser ‘brave’ and ‘courageous.’ While the presumption of innocence is only guaranteed in a court of law, I felt journalists should have, at the very least, recognized and considered it.”

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Lauer then continues to launch detailed attacks on Farrow’s journalistic credibility, in excruciating detail.

Farrow took to social media to offer a pithy response to Lauer’s criticism.

“All I’ll say is that Matt Lauer is just wrong,” he wrote in a tweet. “Catch and Kill was thoroughly reported and fact-checked, including with Matt Lauer himself.”

In addition, Lauer’s accuser Brooke Nevils offered her own response to Lauer’s op-ed. “DARVO,” she wrote, which stands for “Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.”

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