There’s still no crying in baseball.

On Tuesday night, TIFF hosted a new edition of Stay-At-Home Cinema, this time screening the 1992 classic “A League of Their Own” with special guest and star of the film, Geena Davis, joining in.

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Davis joined TIFF’s Cameron Bailey for a conversation before the movie to talk about the making of the film and all of her memories from the shoot.

“The interesting thing for me has been, I have pretty much the same number of girls and young women recognizing me from that movie and telling me, ‘I play sports because of that movie,’ as I did almost 30 years ago,” Davis revealed.

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Asked about her fondest memory from the set, Davis recalled shooting in a small Indiana town, with locals coming to watch the shoot.

“Tom Hanks would put on puppet shows,” she revealed, adding, “Rosie O’Donnell would lead people in cheers.”