Chris Pratt Accidentally Deletes All 51,000 Emails While Trying To Declutter His Inbox

You will not believe how many unread emails Chris Pratt has and neither does his son.

Pratt shared a screenshot of his phone revealing he has 35,944 unread email notifications.

“Yesterday my son [Jack] was playing with my phone and he gasped in shock, looking at the number of unread emails that I had, it’s a lot, it’s a lot,” Pratt shared on Instagram. “I get it! I know. It’s mostly junk, see what I do is I sign up for everything. I’m one of those idiots who will do like an IQ test [online] that requires putting in your e-mail address.”

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Pratt promised to shave the email notifications down to zero by opening 1,000 emails a day.

In a followup, Pratt announced he accidentally deleted 51,000 emails from his inbox in an effort to declutter.

“Trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread and it just deleted them,” the actor said. “So now I’m like, ‘Oh no. I needed to read them. But I don’t know where they went.’

“So if I owe you an email, you might want to follow up on that. Resubmit, perhaps, the email and then I’ll read it. It may have just gotten deleted.”

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It wasn’t just the unread emails that got deleted, though, as Pratt soon discovered.

“Fifty-one thousand messages are in the trash. Oh f**k. What did I do?” he questioned. “It’s just deleting them all. All my emails. Oh my God. This could be a real nightmare.”

Looking at the glass as half full, Pratt considers the mishap a “fresh start.”

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