Steve Carell doesn’t really want to go to space.

On Wednesday, the “Space Force” star appeared on Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and talked about his new Netflix comedy.

“There’s a whole episode where I wear a spacesuit quite a bit,” Carell said of filming the show. “It was probably a spacesuit from like a 1953 science fiction movie. It wasn’t one of the modern suits.”

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He continued, “The arms sort of articulated, but not really, and if you moved too hard you would pinch your arm inside the rim of it. And they had to lower you into it via a small crane because there was no way to just snap it on.”

But the lack of movement wasn’t even the worst part, Carell explained.

“There was a fan you could turn on, but only if you were stationary,” he said. “If you moved they had to disconnect it, because it had to be hooked up to something. So out in the middle of the desert, running — sorry, no fan.”

Also on “The Late Show”, Carell remembered working with the late Fred Willard on “Space Force”.

“He did have a mind that you couldn’t quite pinpoint,” Carell said, praising the comedian. “He’s probably the funniest thing in ‘Space Force’.”

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Carell also remembered a scene where, after improvising one of his takes, Willard received a standing ovation from the entire crew.

“He was a joy,” he said.

Willard passed last week at the age of 86 from natural causes.

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