Michelle Dockery is a woman of many talents.

The actress, who is best known for playing Lady Mary Crawley in “Downton Abbey”, appeared on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”, where she told Jimmy Fallon she’d been learning to play piano while in lockdown.

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Not only that, but she also knows how to play guitar and was even part of a band once upon a time.

Dockery shared: “I wasn’t officially in a band but there was a band in my school when I was 15 and they were really grungy, sometimes a bit sort of metal.

“And I would sometimes be their guest appearance at pub gigs and I would do songs like ‘Zombie’ [by] the Cranberries.”

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The star added she was very much into “teenage angst,” telling Fallon, “I did all of that. Doc Martens, dark eye makeup, the whole thing – long Alanis Morissette hair.”

Dockery also spoke about her new AppleTV+ show “Defending Jacob”, in which she stars alongside Chris Evans.

She told Fallon how she “fell in love” with Boston, where they shot the show. See more in the clip above.

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