Catherine O’Hara Photographed By Drone In New Interview With Vanity Fair

Photographed via drone in her backyard during quarantine in a new profile for Vanity Fair, Catherine O’Hara reveals she once had a crush on Martin Short.

After seeing the legendary 1972 Toronto production of Godspell starring Short, Eugene Levy, Victor Garber, Gilda Radner, and Andrea Martin, O’Hara remembers finding Short “adorable.”

“I took the program home, and I remember kissing his picture because I thought he was so adorable,” she says, adding that she very briefly dated Levy years later.

Art Streiber/Vanity Fair
Art Streiber/Vanity Fair

“I think we went out to breakfast once,” she says of her frequent co-star. “I think we must have kissed. But nothing further because he was a gentleman and I’m a good Catholic girl.”

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For his part, Short recalls everyone being taken with O’Hara, including Anjelica Huston who fangirled over the Canadian actress at a small dinner party when O’Hara arrived.

“Anjelica went completely still,” Short remembers. “She said, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, I’ve got to meet her, I’ve got to meet her.’ It was like Paul McCartney walking in in 1965.”

Art Streiber/Vanity Fair
Art Streiber/Vanity Fair

“Everyone has been in love with Catherine since she was 17,” he continues. “No one made me laugh like her onstage. And she always brought a humanity to her characters. They always had a bent reality but they were never not kind.”

Read “Catherine the Great,” by Karen Valby on and in Vanity Fair’s June issue, available May 26.


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