Reba McEntire Says She’s Been ‘Holding Up Pretty Good’ Since Her Mother’s Passing

Reba McEntire is staying positive in quarantine.

During a virtual interview with ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel, the 65-year-old country music icon opens up about the death of her mother and finding a silver lining through this difficult time.

“I’ve been holding up pretty good,” admits the singer. “I’ve totally enjoyed quarantine.”

McEntire’s mother, Jacqueline McEntire, passed away on March 14 just as the United States began to shut down due to the spread of the coronavirus, forcing her family to postpone the funeral.

“I was in Oklahoma for two months, I just got back matter of fact, I had gone back to prepare for Mama’s funeral,” explains McEntire. “We had to kind of postpone everything, so I stayed there in Oklahoma for two months, with my family, on the ranch I grew up.”

Going into quarantine with her sister Susie and brother-in-law Mark was the perfect healing opportunity for Reba to reconnect with her loved ones: “It was wonderful, very healing.”

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The three-time Grammy Award winner says it’s easy for her to stay positive during these uncertain times.

“When you’re in a world where people are learning how to do things differently, adjusting, and thinking of others instead of yourself — my actions affect others. So think positive, stay positive, and you’ll help other people to be positive.”

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The singer recently made headlines with the re-release of her 1997 hit “What If”, which has assumed a new meaning during the coronavirus pandemic, with lyrics including, “What if everybody reached out with just one hand?”

Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group

On re-releasing the song with an updated video to encourage a positive message, Reba says it’s “more prevalent” now.

“In the video, we put in things that are going on now: People wearing the face masks, having to talk through glass, the windows to loved ones, and it just, it really hit home — that today, more than ever, we need to join together.”

Watch our full interview with the country legend below.

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