Patton Oswalt’s wife, Meredith Salenger, wants to let her husband’s fans know what really happened during their fight, which was described during an episode of his Netflix comedy special “I Love Everything”.

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According to the comedian, a terrible argument between him and his wife prompted him to storm out of their house and go on a hike. He eventually returned to apologize.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Oswalt broke down the story before Salenger appeared on camera to explain what really happened.

“I remember us blowing something out of [proportion],” Oswalt said to her. “You’re saying I was completely in the wrong.”

“You were completely…and you know you were in the wrong, which is why you actually…you don’t remember it well but I do because I was wronged and you weren’t,” Salenger said.

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Although the couple didn’t detail exactly what they were fighting about, Oswalt did admit that their disagreement was “over nothing.”

However, both of them agreed Salenger’s attempt to resolve their argument didn’t exactly play out as planned.

“It was the most ominous note,” Oswalt said of the message his wife left on the windshield of his car.

“Which basically said like, ‘Stop, get out of your car, walk to the park bench in front of you, I love you,” the 51-year-old shared. “I thought, Oh my God, I’m about to be killed.”

“I was still mad when I wrote the note. Notice I didn’t say, I forgive you,” his wife hilariously explained. “I said, ‘I love you,’ like you’re going to come back from your hike after you’ve thought how wrong you are and you’re going to apologize to me. So I was giving him an opening to apologize.”

Salenger added: “He’s the one who made a mistake and I was gracious enough to give him an opening to apologize, which by the way, he did because he’s a great husband.”

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Check out their full interview above.