Debra Messing is opening up the conversation about women empowerment.

This week, the star of Global’s “Will & Grace” launched her new Dear Media podcast “The Dissenters” with co-host Mandana Dayani, the co-creator of I AM A VOTER who appeared on “The Rachel Zoe Project”.

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The podcast features interviews with “the incredible people who just made the decision one day to chase their purpose and do extraordinary things.”

On the first episode, out now, Messing and Dayani are joined by NYT bestselling author Glennon Doyle for a conversation about women empowerment, politics, racial justice and more.

Discussing the Trump administration’s immigration policies, Doyle says, “The slow revealing of this dehumanizing language over time, if we don’t fight, it does something to our brains, which makes us think that those people, whether it’s subconscious or unconscious, are less human.”

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She also discusses growing up to thing, wrongly, that women’s anger is a problem.

“Power doesn’t want women to be angry because angry women demand change,” she says. “There’s only two types of women I respect right now and that is women who are angry and women who are in an active coma.”