Ellie Goulding has all the “Power” in her new song.

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Goulding released the song and accompanying music video for “Power” on Thursday. The new release interpolates Dua Lipa’s hit song “Be The One”.

“I wanted to release this song off my upcoming album as a preview into the world my new album is in! ‘Power’ is about relationships in the 21st century, how they can now be dictated by social media, superficiality and material things,” Goulding said in a press release. “Dating can sometimes start out with lies or embellishments.”

“The girl in the song is disillusioned by love and the cruel, good looking, self-obsessed people she keeps ending up with,” she added. On Twitter she wrote, “This was the first song I knew would be on my fourth album. I like my songs to have resolutions and this song reflects indulgence in superficial relationships, but also is an embrace of my own sexuality.”

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There is no set release date for Goulding’s fourth studio album.