Jerry Seinfeld Says He Never Starred In Another Sitcom Because ‘I Don’t Like Seeing Old People On TV’

Jerry Seinfeld believes he aged out of the sitcom life.

Appearing on “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday, the comedian explained why he never starred in another sitcom after “Seinfeld” ended in 1998.

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“I don’t like seeing old people on TV,” the 66-year-old said according to People. “I don’t want to inflict myself on people in a deteriorated state.”

Stern then suggested Seinfeld’s new Netflix special “23 Hours to Kill” might be his last because the comedian never wants to be less than perfect.

“I think you got me there,” Seinfeld responded. “I am a perfectionist that way. That’s why I obviously never did another TV series. I’m not going to try and beat that. I can’t beat that.”

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He added, “I already have the material to do another special. But I always like to give a little less than you really want. A little less.”

Looking back on “Seinfeld”, the actor admitted, “We could’ve done one, two, three more years. The reason people still love that show is we didn’t wear it out.”

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