If that whole television thing doesn’t work out for Ellen DeGeneres, she can always fall back on her skills as a hairstylist.

The “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host demonstrated that in a new video she shared on social media on Thursday, in which she took gave her mother, Betty, a haircut as a “90th birthday present.”

As DeGeneres takes a clipper to her mother’s hair, her mom worries that she’s going to cut it too short. 

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“It’s not that short, mother, it’s just taking the edges off,” DeGeneres says. “I promise you.”

“Why am I letting her do this?” DeGeneres’ mom tells the camera, adding, “Another talent Ellen has.”

“I hope you like it,” DeGeneres tells her mother.

When the haircut is completed, Betty walks up to a mirror to get a look at her new ‘do.

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“Do you like it?” DeGeneres asks her mom.

“No, not yet, but when I wash it,” she admits, and then exclaims, “Oh, you really cut it short.”

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