Kevin Hart And Jimmy Kimmel Surprise Incredible Nurse From Philadelphia

Kevin Hart joined Jimmy Kimmel to surprise the host’s latest Health Care Hero of the Week during Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Kimmel spoke to an incredible nurse named Natasha Lewis from Philadelphia, who discussed all the amazing work she’s been doing in her city.

Lewis said of the difficult situation, “They’re getting better. It was tough in the beginning, but we’re staying strong. We’re a team, without them I don’t know how I’d be able to do it.”

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Kimmel then said he had a friend who wanted to speak to Lewis, before fellow Philadelphian Hart appeared on the screen.

As Lewis asked how the comedian was, he said: “I’m fantastic. Much better now I’m talking to you.

“This is more exciting for me than it probably is for you, I’ve been made aware of all the amazing things that you’re doing. I think for the city of Philadelphia to have individuals like yourself and the team that you have that’s as dope as dope can be to me. So this is a big moment for me, too.”

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Kimmel had a bunch of surprises, including $10,000, for Lewis. See her reaction in the clip above.

Hart also talked about expecting Baby No. 4 with wife Eniko Parrish.

He shared, “[She’s] almost six months, baby number 4! Family of six, that’s a very loud house, Jimmy.”

On Parrish, he said, “She’s excited, it almost got the best of her for a minute, she got a little cabin fever. But that’s when I’ve got to tap in and do my job, make sure her spirits are high.”

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