Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says It Would ‘Be A Blast’ To Reunite With His ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ Co-Stars

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is open to reuniting with his former castmates on “3rd Rock from the Sun”.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel via video chat from home, the 39-year-old actor says he would support the idea of a virtual reunion with the cast of the late-’90s comedy show.

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“That would be a blast,” he says. “I love all those people so much. They’re a second family to me. That would be really fun!”

Gordon-Levitt reveals how he has been keeping busy in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic with his new YouTube Originals series “Create Together #WithMe”, which invites people to come together to create.

“In order to stay sane while at home every day, I made a commitment to do something creative every day. But, for me, being creative alone can be difficult. It’s not how I grew up. I grew up making movies and shows and stuff, and those are very [collaborative] environments.”

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He adds, “When the pandemic hit, people all over the world were finding a lot of solace and catharsis in the connection that comes with collaboration […] and I think people are looking for that connection online, rather than what you get on other social media environments.”

According to the actor, the most “rewarding” part about his new series is “seeing people finding this positivity by just being creative together.”

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The project was built around HITRECORD, Gordon-Levitt’s online forum for creative collaboration, which he created with his late brother Daniel. According to the star, it has been great to see it grow.

“When HITRECORD first started, it was this tiny, little message board,” he recalls. “And getting to see this thing [Daniel] and I started together get to blossom and be so meaningful and positive — that has a personal value to me that makes it special.”

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