A Superfan Of ‘The Office’ Has Written Scripts For An Entire 10th Season

Fans of “The Office” were saddened to see the show come to an end after nine seasons, but one fan actually did something about it.

As Screen Rant reports, “Office” superfan Nick Janicki decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a 10th season, writing 24 complete “fan fiction” scripts.

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As Janicki said in a Reddit post, he wrote the scripts — all 900 pages — while quarantining.

I wrote a 24-episode, 900-page screenplay of The Office season 10 during quarantine. Available to all at TheOfficeFanFic.com! from DunderMifflin

Janicki’s season 10 doesn’t follow on the heels of the ninth season, but instead jumps to current times, imagining the characters’ reactions to living in 2020.

Janicki isn’t afraid to get a little meta. In fact, the very first episode begins with Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute, dismissively criticizing “A Quiet Place” — the directorial debut of John Krasinski, who played co-worker Jim Halpert.

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All the fan-written scripts can be read right here.

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