Tyler Hubbard’s Daughter Crushes Toddler Candy Challenge And Earns A Fistful Of Chocolate Chips

Tyler Hubbard’s daughter put all her (chocolate) chips on the table for the Toddler Challenge.

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The Florida Georgia Line member and his wife, Hayley Stommel, put their Liv, 2, to the test. The couple placed a small pile of chocolate chips on a table in front of their daughter. The rules were simple: do not touch the chocolate until mommy and daddy return.

Hubbard and Stommel set up a camera to capture Liv’s response as the pair left the room. “I’m going to put these right here, you can’t touch them, ok?” Stommel told Liv. “I have a surprise, I have chocolate chips,” an adorably excited Liv whispered to her stuffed animal. “I have chocolate chips.”

Liv remarkable contained her excitement long enough for her parents to return. Once Liv was permitted to eat the chocolate chips, all chill was gone. The toddler grabbed a handful of chocolate chips and crushed them in no time.

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We finally tried the #toddlerchallenge with Liv,” Stommel wrote on Instagram. “I love everything about this, especially how she reminds me of her dad at the end! #iloveher.”

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