An “SNL” sketch spoofing “MacGyver” that became a big-screen cult comedy is being spun off into a new TV series — and  Christopher Nolan can’t wait.

In an oral history of “MacGruber” published in Vanity Fair, the director of such acclaimed films as “Inception”, “Dunkirk” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy discusses his love for the ridiculous character, played on “Saturday Night Live” and in the 2010 “MacGruber” movie by Will Forte.

Speaking with VF, “MacGruber” director Jorma Taccone (a.k.a. one-third of the Lonely Island comedy troupe alongside Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer) recalled meeting Nolan at a Director’s Guild of America event after hearing Anne Hathaway tell a story about Nolan reciting “MacGruber” dialogue on the set of “Interstellar”.

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“I was like, ‘Holy s**t. That’s incredible,’” said Taccone of learning that Nolan was a huge fan of the movie.

“The closer to that story is that my wife [director Marielle Heller] and I were at our first DGA dinner. And she’s like, ‘Christopher Nolan is there. You’ve got to go say hi to him.’ So I went up to him and I said, ‘My name is Jorma. I directed this movie called MacGruber.’ I said, ‘We’re going to do a sequel eventually. What do you think of this: When the director card comes up it just says, “Directed by Christopher Nolan” with an asterisk, and then at the end of the movie there’s another asterisk that says who actually directed it.’ And he said, ‘Let me talk to my wife about it.’”

While that “MacGruber” sequel was never made, Taccone is in the process of developing a “MacGruber” series for NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, and Taccone revealed that he invited Nolan to a cast read-through of the pilot.

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While Nolan couldn’t attend the read-through, Taccone revealed that “he sent the best f**king email. It’s kind of stellar. It was such an amazing way to start the read-through,” said Taccone.

According to Vanity Fair, Nolan’s email read: “Though I can’t be there in person to watch you take the first step of your odyssey — know that my spirit soars with you, and whilst it’s perhaps unfair to add to the great sense of responsibility you must already feel, I am duty-bound to tell you — the world is waiting, the world is watching.”

Will Forte will reprise his role in the eight-episode series and will start will MacGruber being released from prison after being behind bars for a decade. He sets out on taking down his past villain, Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth.

Back in 2017, Nolan discussed his love of “MacGruber” in an interview with Business Insider.

“I’ve been outed in the past as a ‘MacGruber‘ fan and I have to say there are a couple of moments in that film that had [me] howling uncontrollably,” Nolan admitted.

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