Steve Carell Once Had His Head Set On Fire In ‘Bruce Almighty’ Deleted Scene: ‘Most Terrifying Thing Ever’

Steve Carell is a hot commodity these days, but the hottest thing about him in 2003 was his scalp.

Carell recently caught up with “The Graham Norton Show” and dished on a deleted scene from the Jim Carrey-anchored film “Bruce Almighty”. In a deleted scene, Carrey’s character made Carell’s nose bleed before “The Office” alum’s head spontaneously combusted.

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“That was basically the first time I was ever in a movie,” Carell recalled. “The part they cut is when Jim Carrey makes my nose start to bleed profusely. They thought, ‘too mean of him to do as a character’ and then my head bursts into flames.”

“It wasn’t even a digital effect. It was a real, live practical effect,” he added. “They ran a gas line down my back and they put a coil on top of my head. They put gel on my head so it wouldn’t burn and they ignited this enormous four-foot flame. I’m sure it’s in some DVD extra somewhere.”

Carell was truly terrified but did not feel like he had the leverage to complain.

“That was the most terrifying thing ever. You could hear them venting the gas line before it happened,” he explained. “And then I knew it was going to go full-blown torch. I can see the crew in front of me, they all lit up because the flame was so bright. Terrifying.”

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“In my first movie, what was I going to say?” Carell concluded.

You can catch Carell alongside Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz and Jimmy O. Yang in Netflix’s new series “Space Force”.

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