“The Biebers On Watch” are back with more Q&A time with their fans while eating sushi.

On Friday, Justin and Hailey Bieber took to Facebook Live where they spoke to their fans about everything from religion to hockey.

“You can worship god any place, any time,” Justin told one person who questioned about worshiping.

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“Even a concert,” Hailey quipped.

Hailey was asked if she likes hockey “as much as Justin”. She admitted she always liked that sport but Justin is “way more into it”.

“I’ll never know as much as he does” she added but enjoys having the love of the sport in common. Justin has even converted Hailey into a Maple Leafs fan from the New York Rangers.

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In between answering questions, Justin broke out into “When The Saints Go Marching In”. Then back to his fans, he was questioned what it was like to take part in his roast in 2015.

Justin said it was hard to “accept your mistakes” but taking part was a “good way to make you more relatable and help people see you don’t take yourself too seriously.”

“He is funny behind closed doors,” Hailey added while Justin revealed that there was writers who wrote all the jokes.