Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Are Keeping Things Quiet Around Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip might be in quarantine at Windsor Castle but that won’t stop them from taking part in some of their favourite activities.

The staff at the royal residence have been cut down to only 22 key people who are isolating at the castle away from their own families. “HMS Bubble” Master of the Household Tony Johnstone-Burt referred to the close knit group.

Johnstone-Burt, the former vice-admiral of the Navy, said, “The challenges that we are facing, whether self-isolating alone at home, or with our close household and families, have parallels with being at sea away from home for many months, and having to deal with a sense of dislocation, anxiety and uncertain.”

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According to the Daily Mail, the Queen is spending lots of time at the stables enjoying her favourite pastime. Her Majesty will drive herself to the stable where head groom Terry Pendry has her horses ready for a ride.

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth, 94, will ride her favourite black pony, Carltonlima Emma, after her saddle and bridle have been disinfected. Prince Philip, who will be 99 on June 10, had reportedly finally given up carriage driving after starting in 1971.

He was last publically spotted taking part in the sport last year.

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The Duke of Edinburgh is retired from public life and won’t want a public fuss over the upcoming birthday milestone but it is sure that his family and those at the palace will want to privately mark the occasion.

Much like Queen Elizabeth’s recent birthday, Facetiming with the family in the U.K. and Los Angeles will be how the family can gather despite restrictions.

Other plans the family is working on include Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee which will take place in 2022 marking 70 years on the throne.

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