Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter are getting creative during the quarantine.

The two released a short film titled “Das Fone Hell” in which Carter stars as Neill’s phone that is left alone for 10 minutes while he runs to the grocery store.

“This profound and heartbreakingly candid insight into Modern Life will shake you to the core,” the “Jurassic Park” star said in a tweet revealing the video.

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“Think very carefully what might’ve happened in those 10 minutes,” Carter/the phone tells Neill in the clip. “The Kardashians could’ve had another baby. Ariana Grande could’ve dropped a single. Trump could’ve bombed Beijing for ratings…”

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The Oscar-worthy short was filmed in both the Australia and U.K. from their respective homes.

This isn’t Neill’s first short, he also released “Das Leek, Das Bad” with Hugo Weaving and “Das Underachiever”.